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06 June 2011 @ 11:46 pm
Thanks MTV for RUINING the Awards for Me!  
So, what can I say? The MTV Movie Awards 2011 sucked big this year. And with big I mean really f***ing big. The show used to be my all time favourite in the year, with great presenters, wonderful nominees, clever puns and funny sketches. This show used to be FUN, something that the Oscars are still sucking in.

But, oh boy, this year I was just so dissapointed that I'm seriously doubting if I ever watch the Movie Awards again because seriously? It's on a downward spiral which makes me very sad. This year just seemed so chaotic and put together. I didn't really like the host with his awkward jokes, the presenters had to fight for good jokes and sometimes only had two words to say and were not granted any funny speech. Additionally I really missed the funny sketches in between. I remember a great year 2006 with the awesome host Jessica Alba who played in so many very funny sketches that the actual award show was just a little sidekick.

The most dissappointing thing for me nowadays?? I don't think it was an award show to honour the best movies and actors out there but it was more likely a "Twilight"-ass-kissing fest. Don't get me wrong now. I actually read the Twilight books befeore the big hype started and I even watched the movies. I like them okay, I wouldn't speak of myself as a fan but I enjoy them sometimes, even like them. But honestly, they didn't deserve to win as often as they did. I think MTV is now ruled by 14-year old girls just screaming for Rob P. and all the rest of the cast. Even though I'm generous and say that winning a few awards is okay, it was rediculous to see them winning in every single category they were nominated in. What is that all about? In the end I was just pissed off because whenever Twilight was part of the nominees you knew who would win, it was boring as hell. And a lot of fantastic movies like Inception, Black Swan and The Social Network didn't win a single thing. Wow, that is low.

And what really got me to be f****ing pissed off at the end of the night was that f***ing JUSTIN BIEBER won an award for this sorry excuse of a movie where he basically just promotes himself and a movie like Inception is left behind with nothing. I mean seriously MTV?? You used to be cool, with great music and funny as well as original shows, now you're just a public wh***. Sorry.

And before people start yelling at me: I know that fans vote for the winners but the show still sucked big time and I honestly can tell you that I'm ashamed for my gender which is just cheering for the best-looking people out there, completely ignoring other great works. What a shame. Additionally I had to ask: Seriously MTV, you had no time for two more categories to present? What?! You make the time table, how is it possible that two categories got left out due to time issues? Sad, sad, double sad.

And on a personal note: Why didn't the Social Network win a single thing? Why didn't Andrew Garfield win best Break-Through? He would have deserved it. Oh and I missed Jesse Eisenberg greatly. It would have been much fun with these two more involved.

I hope MTV will work out a better concept for next year while I am thinking about if I watch it ever again or not...

PS: My highlight of the evening was definetely the kiss of Rob P. and Taylor L. because I wouldn't have expected them to be that funny. My only thumbs up.