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07 June 2011 @ 10:23 pm
Weather is not liking me  
Today was not really my day...
At first I missed my train home and had to wait at the train station for an hour (!) and then I didn't even have the time to get all my stuff to my apartment which is why I had to carry my heavy bag around all day. My back hurts horribly right now.

But as if this isn't enough during my class at the university I started to feel very sick and couldn't stay any longer. So I had to go home, carrying my heavy bag while feeling very dizzy and simply aweful. I'm not reacting very well to changes in the weather and since today was a pretty gray and rainy day in comparison to yesterday's sunny weather, I suppose that this is the reason for my sickness.

So I slept the whole day and now I'm wide awake while I should definetely sleep right now...